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How to Stay Focused and Productive in Legal Practice

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Being a busy lawyer, you know how hard it can be to juggle all the tasks that come with running a successful legal practice. You have to handle complex cases, meet deadlines, manage your staff, and keep your clients happy. But what about the phone calls that keep interrupting your work? How do you deal with the inquiries, requests, and complaints that come from potential and existing clients? How do you make sure you don’t miss any opportunities or lose any leads?

That’s where Smithers comes in. Smithers is an AI chatbot that can help you handle your incoming calls with ease. Smithers is not just a regular answering service. It’s a legal answering service that understands the needs and challenges of law firms. Smithers can:

– Screen your calls and filter out spam, sales, and solicitors

– Transfer urgent calls to you or your staff

– Schedule appointments and consultations with your clients

– Collect payments and invoices from your clients

– Send confirmation and reminder messages to your clients

– Follow up with leads and prospects

– Provide information about your services and fees

– Answer frequently asked questions about your firm and practice areas

Smithers can do all this and more, 24/7, without taking a break or making a mistake. Smithers is powered by advanced artificial intelligence that can learn from your preferences and feedback. Smithers can also integrate with your existing software and tools, such as your calendar, CRM, billing system, and website. Smithers can even create a custom landing page for your firm, where you can showcase your expertise, testimonials, and contact details.

With Smithers, you can get more work done while we handle your incoming calls. You can focus on your core legal work, while Smithers takes care of “the rest”. You can save time, money, and hassle, while improving your client satisfaction and retention. You can grow your firm, without growing your overhead.

If you want to see how Smithers can help you streamline your legal practice, visit today. You can sign up for a free trial and get started in minutes. Smithers is ready to assist you anytime, anywhere.