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How Smithers Can Help Law Firms Handle Incoming Calls

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If you are a lawyer or a law firm owner, you know how important it is to answer every incoming call. You never know when a call might be from a potential client who needs your legal expertise, or from an existing client who has an urgent question or concern. But you also know how challenging it can be to handle all the calls that come in, especially when you are busy with meetings, court appearances, research, or other tasks. You don’t want to miss out on any opportunities or disappoint any clients, but you also don’t want to compromise your productivity or quality of work.

That’s where Smithers comes in. Smithers is an AI chatbot that can help you manage your incoming calls more efficiently and effectively. Smithers is not just a simple answering service. It is a smart and friendly conversational agent that can interact with your callers in a natural and professional way, using information from you and your website. Smithers can help you with:

– Capturing and screening callers: Smithers can greet your callers, identify their names and phone numbers, and ask them about the reason for their call. Smithers can also verify if they are new or existing clients, and if they have any specific preferences or needs. Smithers can then prioritize the calls based on their urgency and importance, and transfer them to you or your staff if necessary, or take a message if you are unavailable.

– Gathering new client information: Smithers can collect the essential information from new clients, such as their contact details, case type, case details, and desired outcome. Smithers can also ask them some qualifying questions to determine if they are a good fit for your services, and if they meet your criteria and expectations. Smithers can then send you a summary of the information via email or text, so you can review it and decide if you want to follow up with them.

– Scheduling appointments: Smithers can book appointments for your callers, based on your availability and preferences. Smithers can sync with your calendar and CRM system, and offer your callers the best time slots for consultations or meetings. Smithers can also send them confirmation and reminder messages, and update your calendar and CRM accordingly.

– Logging details instantly: Smithers can record every conversation and interaction with your callers, and store them securely in your CRM system. Smithers can also generate notes and transcripts of the calls, and attach them to the relevant client records. This way, you can keep track of every call and every client, and access all the information you need at any time.

With Smithers, you can rest assured that every incoming call is handled with care and professionalism. You can save time and money, increase your efficiency and productivity, improve your client satisfaction and retention, and grow your business. To learn more about how Smithers can help you with your incoming calls, visit or call 302-691-9217 today.