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How AI Chatbots Can Understand Previous Issues by Linking with Your ITSM

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If you are looking for a way to improve your customer service or internal team communication, you might want to consider using an AI chatbot. AI chatbots are software applications that can interact with humans using natural language, either through text or voice. They can provide instant answers, automate tasks, and offer personalized recommendations.

But what if you want your AI chatbot to go beyond the basic FAQs and scripted responses? What if you want your AI chatbot to learn from the previous issues that your customers or team members have faced, and use that knowledge to provide better solutions?

That’s where linking your AI chatbot with your ITSM (IT Service Management) system comes in handy. ITSM is a set of processes and tools that help you manage the delivery and support of IT services to your customers or employees. It includes functions such as incident management, problem management, change management, and knowledge management.

By linking your AI chatbot with your ITSM system, you can enable your chatbot to access the historical data and records of the issues that have been reported, resolved, or escalated in the past. This way, your chatbot can:

– Identify similar or related issues that have occurred before, and suggest the best practices or solutions that have worked in those cases.

– Analyze the root causes and patterns of the issues, and provide proactive tips or preventive measures to avoid them in the future.

– Update the knowledge base of your ITSM system with the feedback and insights from the chatbot interactions, and improve the quality and accuracy of the information available for future reference.

One example of an AI chatbot that can link with your ITSM system is Smithers. Smithers is a smart and friendly chatbot that can help you with various IT-related tasks, such as resetting passwords, troubleshooting network issues, booking meeting rooms, and more. Smithers can also integrate with your ITSM system, such as ServiceNow, Jira, Zendesk, or Freshdesk, and leverage the data and knowledge from there to enhance its capabilities.

With Smithers, you can:

– Ask Smithers to search for previous tickets or incidents that match your current issue, and get the relevant solutions or actions from there.

– Ask Smithers to create a new ticket or incident for your issue, and get it assigned to the right person or team automatically.

– Ask Smithers to follow up on the status or progress of your ticket or incident, and get notified when it is resolved or closed.

– Ask Smithers to rate or review the service or solution that you received, and share your feedback or suggestions with the IT team.

If you want to learn more about Smithers and how it can link with your ITSM system, you can visit for more information. You can also request a free demo or trial of Smithers and see how it works in action.